tedgrussing photography




 Welcome to an old fashioned way of doing business ... I have galleries set up with a lot of photographs and fine art images, as well as greeting cards and books. Each photograph or card is named ... tell me what you would like, the size and pricing and we can do a deal. No online cookie cutter store ... just us! I got rid of the online stores because I spent more time trying to make my work fit their models than working on my art ... besides, I prefer actually talking with my customers than to the formulaic way much business is done today.


So browse the galleries and let me know what you want ... pricing and sizing is on the next web page. The pricing is all inclusive, that is, it includes shipping to your door with a minimum order of $50.00. There are no other charges. If you have a special size or other request, email me and we'll get it taken care of.


If you see a photo in one of my emails and it is not in the gallery, just let me know which one you want and we'll get it done. I have all my photographs that have been published or worked up for the past 20 plus years and can usually find them.


        Looking forward to doing business with you!

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